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Thanks to continuous support from policy advisors and Balinese authorities, the Circles Indonesia project has been conducting rigorous research on the island of Bali. We are learning from the people how Circles may work as a

community-driven solution to enhance people's abilities to meet daily needs.


In 2021, 494 people in 3 distinct areas of Bali gave in depth feedback on how Circles could be used in their communities. 97% of respondents in the rural and urban areas surveyed were highly enthusiastic about Circles Indonesia.

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Download the report


The Circles team developed an app based on feedback from Balinese communities and endorsements by 70+ community leaders. This app is easy to use and addresses the key aspirations of the Balinese research respondents.


Official permits have been granted to Circles Indonesia's local partner Alam Santi. Together with our local partners, we are rolling out the Circles app to 1,500 users in the 3 districts of Negara, Tabanan and Denpasar for

product testing.

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Download the 2023 report

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Download the BRIN Assessment report


In 2024, the research project is completed. Outcomes of this exciting time are now included in our 2023 Report, which offers a deep dive into Circles’ blockchain-based UBI system's piloting & testing activities, highlighting how digital points have the potential to nurture economic empowerment and community resilience. From the engagement of over 1,500 participants to the facilitation of over 1,000,000 Circles points being exchanged, the report covers important learning and insights, and explains the potential of Circles to redefine economic interaction within emerging economies.

Furthering the insights in 2024, is the impact study conducted by Indonesia's National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) which measured changes in variables related to financial welfare, health, food security, social capital and overall life satisfaction across pilot participants and control groups in their areas.

As a community we can fullfill our needs, when we work together hand in hand!

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