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Voices of Bali's Community: A Film About the Potential of CirclesUBI

To share learnings on local community perspectives on the potential impact of CirclesUBI in Bali, a documentary film titled "Voices of Bali's Community" was created. The film captures stories, and suggestions from some of the 500 Balinese individuals who participated in a community feedback study conducted by PT Alam Santi and its local partners in 2021.

The insights given by the study participants provide valuable perspectives on the potential benefits of CirclesUBI and shed light on the transformative power it holds for local communities.

The study that is covered in the film revealed a remarkable level of support for CirclesUBI. An astounding 97% of the participants responded positively, expressing their belief in the potential benefits of a digital point-based UBI system for their community.

Within the documentary, participants share their personal experiences and stories, showcasing the potential impact of CirclesUBI on their lives. From struggling entrepreneurs and artisans, Balinese respondents describe how CirclesUBI could alleviate financial burdens, enable them to invest in their livelihoods and communities, support their families, and pursue their dreams.

The documentary also captured valuable suggestions and insights on how Circles Points could stimulate local indigenous cultural networks and sustainability. They also emphasized the importance of collaboration and cooperation, encouraging the formation of local networks to support CirclesUBI's implementation.

The documentary film highlights the importance of community engagement and collaboration in the implementation of CirclesUBI. It showcases how individuals from different walks of life in Bali can come together to support and uplift one another. The overwhelming response to CirclesUBI among the Balinese community underscores the power of community-driven solutions. It is through active participation, shared visions, and collaborative efforts that CirclesUBI can truly make a lasting impact on the lives of communities worldwide.

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