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Unveiling The 1st Ever Successful Public Test Run

After many months of meticulous app design, development, and internal testing, a significant milestone was reached in May 2023 when the app was put to the test in a public-facing situation for the very first time. This was the exciting culmination of years of visionary and complex backend work, to deliver a ground-breaking blockchain technology for a viable solution to building community-driven welfare for all.

The dynamic product testing event was the result of extensive efforts put into designing and developing the CirclesUBI app. From the intricate backend mechanics involving blockchain technology to the algorithms that determine UBU distributions, each facet was meticulously crafted. The pathfinder, which calculates connections between users, was primed to offer a seamless experience.

Held at the Circles Indonesia HQ office in Saba Bali, a diverse group of 50 participants, hailing from various backgrounds, gathered for a day that would mark the first-ever public test of the CirclesUBI app.

The event was not just a testing exercise; it was a platform for participants to interact with the app's features and functionalities. This initial testing phase served as a crucial precursor to the upcoming field research. The immersive experience allowed participants to bring real items for exchange using Circles Points, providing a tangible glimpse into the app's potential impact.

Participants were introduced to the app's functionalities and guided through the onboarding process and the testing extended to educational outreach tools, gauging how effectively these resources conveyed the app's essence.

Despite geographical distances, the CirclesUBI app developers even joined the event via Zoom. This virtual collaboration ensured that any issues that arose were promptly addressed. As participants explored the app, they identified bugs and reported them, allowing the developers to repair these glitches in real-time.

Participants were enthusiastic about their experience and provided feedback that would go on to shape the app's future development. New feature requests were compiled, adding to the team's ongoing list of enhancements.

As participants exchanged items and explored the app's capabilities, a common sentiment echoed – "When will this CirclesUBI app be available in my area?" The demand for was palpable, underscoring the app's potential to make a meaningful difference in diverse communities.

The first public testing of the app marked a significant achievement in the project's journey. From successful exchanges to bug identification and enthusiastic anticipation, the event provided valuable insights that will guide the app's evolution. As the app inches closer to wider availability, this testing event stands as a testament to the potential of community-driven economic solutions.


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