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Sparking Innovation Through Play: the CirclesUBI Game

Imagine a room filled with local community leaders, gathered not for a meeting but for a game – a game that would allow them to experience firsthand the transformative potential of the CirclesUBI system. Introduce the CirclesUBI Game, designed to immerse players in the world of community-driven resilience solutions. Crafted in collaboration with PT Alam Santi and, organizations specializing in innovative community engagement and education, the CirclesUBI Game offers an interactive way to understand the essence of how CirclesUBI can be applied in community settings.

The CirclesUBI Game is a real-time simulation of what life feels like in a community that utilizes Circles Points. It provides players with a tangible understanding of how Circles Points work and their impact. Instead of conceptual explanations, participants step into a scenario where they make decisions and experience firsthand the benefits of this innovative system.

Players, who play the role of both vendors and community members, navigate scenarios for exchanges, make decisions, and experience the ripple effects of their choices. This immersive experience leads to a deeper comprehension of how CirclesUBI can affect interactions within a community.

One of the unique aspects of the CirclesUBI Game is its giant size, allowing large community groups to play together. This collective engagement further strengthens the sense of community and shared learning. The game is also hand crafted in Bali, allowing its unique artistic elements to come to life.

In Bali, the success of the CirclesUBI Game was not just in its engagement; use of the game led to an overwhelming endorsement from over 70 community leaders across Bali, who after playing the game were eager to pilot the Circles app in their respective areas. For many of these participants, the CirclesUBI Game was their first experience playing a board game.

How the game is played

The game starts by selecting your player tokens, each of which represent a specific type of community goods or service providers. Next, join the community of CirclesUBI and start receiving your daily UBI Circles Points. Moving around the board and negotiating with each other to fulfill needs uses a combination of your UBI points and local fiat currency. Wild cards introduce scenarios where either players can generate even more benefits or they need to collaborate to support each other in overcoming challenges presented to the community. The game is won when all needs are met, demonstrating the core philosophy of CirclesUBI – mutual support and community solidarity.

The CirclesUBI Game is an innovative tool for introducing communities and their leaders to the world of CirclesUBI. Through the engaging experience of using the game, participants not only comprehend the concept of CirclesUBI but also feel the impact that this transformative system can have on their areas. The game bridges the gap between imagination and reality, a truly innovative solution in community engagement and education.

As well as the Giant community sized version of the Game of Circles a smaller tabletop version is available for playing with smaller more intimate groups.

If you are interested in socializing CirclesUBI in your area and having this game adapted to conditions in your local community contact us to discuss your aspirations for building a CirclesUBI community in your area.

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