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Kebun Literasi: A Practical Solution in Banjar Tegeh Sari

In the community of Banjar Tegeh Sari, Tonja, Denpasar Utara, an innovative project called Kebun Literasi, or the Literacy Garden, is making significant strides in addressing two critical global issues: the gap in access to language education and disconnection from nature. In today's world, where a staggering 40% of people lack access to education in their native language, and a 20% decline in nature connectedness has been noted due to urbanization (Journal of Environmental Psychology), Kebun Literasi offers a practical and effective solution.

The Literacy Garden diverges from conventional classroom education. In this unique setting, students are immersed in nature, learning English through hands-on interaction with their natural surroundings. Beyond mere language instruction; this approach cultivates an in-depth awareness and appreciation for the environment. Studies have demonstrated that this type of immersive educational experience markedly enhances both language proficiency and environmental consciousness.

A key component of Kebun Literasi is the CirclesUBI system. This innovative platform extends beyond a typical reward system by promoting community involvement and responsibility. CirclesUBI is offered to encourage students to engage in the learning process and the exchange of Circles points connect students with the broader community for exchange of goods and services. By encouraging transactions that intersect with the learning center to use Circles points, the system helps in building a sustainable, localized economy while strengthening community bonds.

A highlight of the Literacy Garden is bazaars held by local community members. These events allow students to display their gardening achievements and engage with community members. It's a practical demonstration of the skills they've acquired that underscore the project's commitment to community engagement and sustainability.

Kebun Literasi offers a model for addressing educational and environmental challenges in other communities. By combining language education with gardening, the project shows how education can be linked with practical environmental action for the benefit of individuals and the community.

In Banjar Tegeh Sari, Kebun Literasi is more than just a garden; it's a place where education, community, and nature meet. Supported by CirclesUBI, this project stands as a practical and effective approach to the educational and environmental challenges of our time. It's an invitation to join a movement towards a more educated, connected, and sustainable world.


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