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Local Champions in Denpasar Spearhead CirclesUBI Community Growth

Over the course of a series of 2-day intensive workshops, 10 local champions were equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to engage their fellow community members and encourage them to participate in testing the Beta app.

The workshop kicked off with an in-depth exploration of the CirclesUBI app. Participants dived into the app's interface, understanding its functionalities and how it could cater to the specific needs of their community. This hands-on experience laid the foundation for the local champions to become confident users themselves.

One of the central discussions revolved around the essential goods and services that cater to the daily needs of the local community. From food and garden harvest to seafood and equipment, participants explored how these necessities could be exchanged using digital Circles Points within the app. The workshops fostered creative thinking about how the CirclesUBI system could bridge these daily needs. Other goods and services that could be made available through the app included ceremonial needs, utilities, health support, transportation, repairs and construction services, salon or barber services, sewing and laundry as well as tutoring.

As the workshop progressed, participants delved deeper into the potential transformative power of the CirclesUBI app. They explored how these digital points could not only facilitate transactions but also build a sense of community solidarity and mutual support.

The local champions embraced their roles as connectors and catalysts of change in Denpasar. They recognized that by effectively engaging with their local community, they could not only foster awareness about the CirclesUBI system but also empower individuals to participate actively in the upcoming months of Beta app testing.

The participants also had the unique opportunity to experience firsthand how the app worked by exchanging digital Circles Points for items during the event. This real-time interaction reinforced their understanding of the app's practicality and its potential impact on their community.

A pivotal aspect of the workshop was highlighting how these newly appointed local champions could support one another. By creating a network of individuals who shared a common goal, the participants were shown how they could work collaboratively to drive the adoption of CirclesUBI in their community.

The workshop culminated with a powerful sense of purpose and enthusiasm. The local champions left armed with the skills to capture the attention of their fellow community members, engage them with the CirclesUBI app, and ultimately foster a more inclusive and economically empowered community.

The 2-day intensive workshop in Denpasar showcased the potential of CirclesUBI to transform communities by engaging them in a system that offers a unique blend of economic exchange and solidarity. These local champions emerged not only as app users but also as ambassadors of positive change. Through their dedication, Denpasar takes a step closer to embracing a future of empowered economic collaboration and communal support.

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