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Building Community Through Stories: Introducing the "Cerita Circles" Facebook Page

In the digital age, social media platforms have become powerful tools for building communities and sharing experiences. Facebook, in particular, stands as a widely used medium for connecting people across the globe. In Indonesia, where social media holds significant sway, the "Cerita Circles" (Circles Stories) Facebook page is an emerging platform that brings to life the impact of the CirclesUBI initiative within the community.

As CirclesUBI takes root in the community, a natural desire to share stories and experiences arises. The "Cerita Circles" Facebook page serves as a virtual hub where participants from the Circles Research Program in Bali gather to post and share their personal narratives that show how the use of Circles Points has brought about tangible change in their lives.

On the page, participants openly share how they have benefited from using Circles Points – from accessing essential goods with reduced financial burden to supporting their local micro-businesses. Participants also share valuable information about the products and services they are eager to exchange for Circles Points.

The heart of "Cerita Circles" lies in the sharing of stories about actual exchanges made within the Circles community. These exchanges illustrate how CirclesUBI is a practical solution that influences everyday lives. From small gestures to significant transactions, each story is a testament to the impact that CirclesUBI has on individuals, families, and communities.

Since its launch, the "Cerita Circles" Facebook page has attracted more than 750 users in just a few months. This rapid growth reflects the genuine interest in sharing and learning from the experiences of others within the CirclesUBI network.

The stories being shared inspire others to see the potential for positive change and motivate them to take part in the CirclesUBI movement.

If you're curious to explore the real-life impact of the CirclesUBI initiative and want to be part of the community-driven change, the "Cerita Circles" Facebook page welcomes you. You can join the "Cerita Circles" Facebook group here.

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