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Bridging the Circles Mission to Communities - Local Champions

Within the dynamic space of community-driven change, the app is more than just technology—it's a movement. At the heart of this movement are the Field Officers, also known as Circles Local Champions. These individuals bridge the CirclesUBI technology innovation and the local communities that are trialing it.

These CirclesUBI Local Champions are on the frontlines, reaching out to their communities to bring them into the app's transformative ecosystem.

As part of the Bali testing project, CirclesUBI Local Champions undergo a comprehensive onboarding process which can take different forms, but is usually a 2-day intensive training that covers app functionalities; community dynamics, nurturing empathy, and learning how to effectively communicate the app's potential to grass root users. Through role plays, interactive sessions, and real-world scenarios, Field Officers are equipped with the tools to navigate the diverse challenges that are often encountered in the field.

The training prepares the Local Champions for real-world scenarios they might encounter in the field. From addressing skepticism about the system to explaining the intricacies of how the Circles ecosystem works, to how users can offer their goods or services to their community in exchange for Circles Points. All this needs to be communicated in such a way that local communities will be encouraged to try using the technology within their lives.

On August 5th, 2023 40 people, including all of the Bali-based local champions from Denpasar, Jembrana and Tabanan gathered at the CirclesUBI Indonesia HQ in central Bali for the first ever provincial gathering.

The gathering was a testament to the many weeks of hard work that the Bali-based Local Champions had put into onboarding the first cadre of over 1,000 CirclesUBI research participants. Attendees, hailing from different areas and backgrounds, found themselves immersed in discussions to share their respective experiences in the field bringing Circles to users across Bali. The atmosphere buzzed with energy, curiosity, and the shared belief that, with dedication, a new community-driven means of mutual support was possible thanks to this unique technology.

Attendees departed the full day event with more new insights, strategies, based on unique and shared experiences and a sense of belonging to a community that values unity and shared progress.

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