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Circles User Workshops in Bali City Center Denpasar

In a busy hub of downtown Denpasar, several exciting events unfolded between June and July 2023. The Kembali Berdaya team organized a series of workshops and outreach activities to onboard new users into the app.

These events helped local community members learn about the benefits of UBI and how digital points can facilitate more local exchanges of goods and services. The essential dialogue was around how the app could be useful for their community.

As a culturally diverse inner city urban community, people from Banjar Tonja and surrounding areas originate not only from Bali but also different parts of Indonesia. This rich and eclectic community came together to learn about the app and how it could help them help each other to improve their daily living conditions.

After word got out about this innovative technology solution to building community resilience, many signups followed, and after only a few months, Circles Points research participants in the area grew to just over 500 people!

During outreach, local community members learned that once they agreed to become research participants and Beta app testers they would start receiving 24 Circles Points into their Circles wallet every single day. They then learned how they could send their Circles Points to other users through the app as thanks for the exchange of goods and services provided by their fellow community members. Slowly but surely, people started experiencing how sending Circles Points was, in essence, giving a hand to others in their community, and many creative ideas on how to make Circles Points a valuable community tool for enhancing local exchanges grew.

Participants also shared a lot of ideas about how trust and connections could be built through their Denpasar CirclesUBI community. They found old and new friends they could trust within the app, which is important as Circles Points can only be shared with people you trust, to ensure that transactions are safe and helpful for everyone.

Creativity and sharing continue to thrive in this urban CirclesUBI community in Bali. There is a strong sense of solidarity and being part of something bigger as the Circles teasing spreads around other areas of Bali. It isn’t just about an app; it’s about working together as a community to ensure that no one gets left behind and being empowered to address community challenges together as a team.

Stay tuned for more wonderful stories from the Denpasar community!

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