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Toserba Circles

‘Toserba Circles’ or The Circles Mart, which was implemented in late 2023, showcased a unique approach to community adoption of digital Circle points. 

The bustling activity at Toserba Circles, which tended to peak between 10 am and 8 pm, created a vibrant hub of mutual support energy. Community members, including friends, families, and youth, gathered at the Mart and integrated Circles points into transactions and social interactions, a significant milestone in the Circles community's journey toward digital point adoption.

Dewi Kamila's meatball and chicken noodle store was a prime example, as with Circles payments could be made by combining digital Circles points with traditional Indonesian Rupiah.

Local entrepreneurs like Putu and her sunglasses store benefited from earning in Circles points too. As she explained, she felt that she enhanced her community ties with each transaction she made. The Toserba Circles initiative was also noted by its participants to provide sustainability benefits. This was explained by community members like Gede who chose to use his Circles points on local instead of imported goods. He explained how this felt good as it was supporting both local businesses and the broader community initiative of exchanges for mutual support.

Toserba Circles' growth in this small neighborhood offers a potential blueprint for other communities. It demonstrated how digital currencies like Circle points can integrate seamlessly into everyday life, promoting inclusiveness and supporting local businesses.

As the research program from CirclesUBI is currently being publicized for further consideration it's a great time to think about how the future success of initiatives like Toserba Circles can grow in other areas. While awaiting further developments, there's an opportunity for each of us to consider unique ways to enrich future initiatives. 

This phase in the history of CirclesUBI is an opportunity for co-creation, to shape future projects into dynamic community hubs. Let's use this time to brainstorm and prepare. By pooling our ideas and efforts now, we can lay the groundwork for a successful, equitable, and thriving future. Let's continue this journey together, one Circle point at a time!


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