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Roadshow 'Pasar Murah' Brings Affordable Goods and Builds Community

At CirclesUBI, our mission is to strengthen communities through cooperation, mutual care and inclusiveness. In retrospect, one of the notable projects from 2023 was the 'Pasar Murah' roadshow in Mendoyo, Jembrana. This initiative aimed to provide affordable basic goods and services to local neighborhoods, while encouraging participation in the Circles community digital points program.

The term 'Pasar Murah' translates to "affordable market". This initiative was brought to life by local community groups of Mendoyo’s neighborhoods, who offered discounted basic goods and services every weekend in exchange for Circles points. The primary goal of this initiative was to make essential items more affordable for local families in need, while also promoting the use of CirclesUBI community points.

Here’s a snapshot of how it worked: typically, a kilo of rice might cost 60,000 rupiah (about US $3.80). At Pasar Murah, you could access the same thing for just 50,000 rupiah (about US $3.15). Customers paid the reduced value in cash, and the difference of 10,000 rupiah was credited to their CirclesUBI account as digital points. This innovative approach not only helped to stretch tight household budgets, it encouraged active engagement with the Circles points system, while building a sense of mutual support.

The impact of Pasar Murah was multifaceted. Financial benefits were evident, but the social advantages were equally, if not even more significant. By rotating through different neighborhoods, from Batu Agung, to Poh Santen, to Banyubiru, Pasar Murah became a meeting point for diverse groups. Farmers, homemakers, working parents, children, and elders gathered around to engage with the initiative, and what resulted was a well anticipated, vibrant, community-centric atmosphere.

This initiative was not just about saving money; it was about building relationships. People shared recipes, compared produce, and exchanged points, and with each observation and interaction the fabric of the community added another weave. The roadshow also encouraged residents to spend the points they earned at local businesses, such as Bu Yuni’s warung. These were meaningful economic cycles, benefiting small business owners and reinforcing community bonds.

As we review the success of Pasar Murah, we’re inspired by the community identity that flourished as a result. This experience was a testament to the potential of collaborative efforts in enhancing community life. Although the Pasar Murah roadshow was a specific event in 2023, its spirit continues to inform ongoing projects.

Currently, the CirclesUBI program is under evaluation to explore new and innovative ways to serve our community better. We remain committed to devising creative solutions that celebrate the community spirit of Mendoyo. Our team at CirclesUBI is excited about the future, as we continue to work towards fostering richer, more vibrant and resilient interconnected communities.

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