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Empowering Vendors Through Circles App Onboarding

In a world where economic dynamics are often rough and constantly evolving, embracing innovative solutions is pivotal for small micro entrepreneurs. Enter the CirclesUBI app—an tool that empowers micro-vendors by redefining economic interaction in the context of mutually supportive community exchanges. Let’s take a closer look at how vendors are boarded into the Circles app, and the impact it is bringing to local communities.

The journey begins with vendors recognizing the potential of the CirclesUBI app. Whether someone is a local artisan, a small business owner, or a service provider, the app opens doors to a new community-driven source of resilience and mutual support. Here, transactions are rooted in mutual support and trust, and the concept of fair share symbiosis.

Vendors embark on this journey by agreeing to participate in the user feedback research underway, learning the basics of how to use the app and then setting up their CirclesUBI shop profile, which includes the location where they can be found for Circles exchanges, a description of what items or services they are willing to exchange for Circles Points and how they can be contacted. Once set up, their shop’s profile can be found on the marketplace. Users can filter the offerings by type and also sort shops by those that are nearest to where they are located.

At the heart of the CirclesUBI app lies the Circles Universal Basic Income Points system, where 24 points are added to users' wallets each day. Vendors onboarded into the app instantly become part of this ecosystem, and they also offer their goods or services in exchange for Circles Points.

The true essence of the Circles app lies in community connections. Through the app vendors can then establish trust connections, forming a network of reliable partners for the exchange of goods and services in their community. These connections ensure secure exchanges while fostering a spirit of collaboration and support within the local entrepreneurial landscape.

Circles vendors showcase their offerings to and engage in truly meaningful exchanges. It's not just about transactions; it's about building relationships and nurturing local economies. The onboarding process into the Circles app is a transformative journey that connects vendors to a community-driven movement. As local businesses embrace this innovation, they redefine their roles from mere vendors to essential contributors to a resilient and empowered local economy.


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