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Empowering Through Education: CirclesUBI's Community Resources

In the journey towards community-driven economic empowerment, education plays a pivotal role. CirclesUBI has developed a comprehensive set of community education resources, crafted to cater to the unique needs of local target audiences. The resources are visually engaging and culturally relevant, ensuring they resonate with the communities they aim to serve.

Development of these resources started with gathering needs through community consultation to ensure that they are useful tools for local CirclesUBI educators and facilitators.

These materials can be used for smooth onboarding, recruitment, training, and user support. They equip facilitators with the necessary tools to guide users through the process, helping them understand the CirclesUBI initiative.

Examples of Resources include:

What is CirclesUBI.ID? Presentation: This presentation serves as an essential guide to understanding the essence of the project. It covers the mission, vision, and fundamental concepts of the initiative. This presentation helps introduce to your community. Whether you're a facilitator or a trainer, this resource equips you with the knowledge to inspire change and economic empowerment through CirclesUBI.

The Circles App Technical Onboarding Guide: This presentation can be used to navigate the application. Designed for facilitators and trainers, it lays out step-by-step instructions on setting up and effectively utilizing the app.

Circles Simulation Event Presentation: to onboard new user groups into a Circles pilot project you can use this engaging presentation. It explains the exciting journey of participating in testing and evaluating the impacts of Circles in their community. As a facilitator or trainer, you'll find this resource invaluable in making users comfortable with the Circles ecosystem, fostering engagement, and deeper understanding.

Circles Local Champion Orientation Presentation: Local champions play a vital role in driving Circles outreach and engagement in communities. This presentation empowers CirclesUBI Local Champions with the knowledge and tools needed to support local communities and users effectively.

FAQs and Key Benefits: to enhance engagement and participation, users and vendors can refer to the FAQs and key benefits sections for answers to common queries and elaborate on the advantages of participating in the CirclesUBI initiative.

Circles Local Champion Flip Book: For local CirclesUBI facilitators, this flip book is a tool to understand how their participation contributes to the community. With concise talking points, it empowers them to explain the CirclesUBI ecosystem and the benefits to users as well as how to onboard users in CirclesUBI.

These community education resources embody CirclesUBI's dedication to fostering empowerment. By providing facilitators, users, and vendors with the tools they need to educate, engage, and participate in the CirclesUBI initiative, these resources serve as catalysts for change.

These resources are not only designed for the Bali context; they can be adapted and translated for use by CirclesUBI projects worldwide. Whether in Bali or beyond, the aim is to foster economic empowerment and community engagement. To explore the resources, visit this page on the CirclesUBI website and start empowering your community today!


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