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Cultural Legacy Meets Technological Innovation in Tabanan

Nestled within the cultural heart of Bali, Tabanan regency has a deep connection to its heritage. Festivals, ceremonies, and artistic expressions are interwoven into daily life, preserving a rich cultural legacy. With its commitment to tradition, Tabanan is one of the hotspots for testing the initiative that aims to reshape community-driven empowerment.

Tabanan's dedication to preserving its cultural heritage is strong. The people of this regency take immense pride in their traditions. This commitment to cultural preservation in this area was the backdrop for introducing the modern blockchain-based technology of CirclesUBI in a way that respects and enhances the values that people in Tabanan hold dear.

At the outset of the outreach activities in Tabanan, the CirclesUBI team and local champions in Tabanan engaged with community leaders to gain their endorsement for the research to be undertaken in the area. By socializing the app to local leadership, they aimed to ensure that the upcoming testing activities would have support and approval of the community's guiding voices.

In Tabanan, Circles has seen the emergence of two primary clusters of Circles users: Abian Tuwung and Berembeng, within which around 300 people signed up to test and trial the app.

The Tabanan local champions are working with these community members to understand the ins and outs of the CirclesUBI app. From using its features to exploring its potential, they are continually learning new uses for Circles Points– which are being exchanged for essential goods and services.

Tabanan's residents have diverse needs that range from farming and fishing harvests to educational resources. Through thoughtful discussions, workshops and bazaars the app is building bridges for community resilience by matching local needs and digital empowerment.

At the heart of the CirclesUBI concept lies the philosophy of giving and receiving. By exchanging Circles Points, community members not only fulfil their own needs but also contribute to a sense of community solidarity and support - the essence of Tabanan's communal spirit.

Tabanan's local champions are bridging the gap between technology and tradition, and an inspiring outcome of this initiative has been the empowerment of Tabanan's youth. Armed with digital literacy, they are taking the lead in guiding their elders through the app, proving that CirclesUBI can truly bridge generational gaps and empower the entire community.

By leveraging the Beta app, the local champions are not only addressing the community's immediate needs but also fostering a sense of unity, support, and empowerment that aligns seamlessly with Tabanan's rich traditions.

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