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Empowering Local Initiatives

Welcome to Collaboration!

Empowering Communities Through Awareness and Action

The Collaboration Program provides support for community initiatives aimed at fostering awareness, understanding, and adoption of

Unlocking Wellbeing and Abundance is a community-driven initiative with the objective of empowering local communities to help themselves and each other. This vision is achieved by facilitating the exchange of local products and services through an innovative form of Universal Basic Income (UBI) known as digital Circles Points.

This project stems from our belief that communities are best equipped to address their own, unique social and economic challenges.

Empowering Indonesian Communities


In Indonesia, since July 2023, participants in research in Bali are actively using the CirclesUBI app to pioneer inventive methods of mutual support. By exchanging goods and services, communities are contributing to fulfilling basic needs of their families and community groups. These exchanges are nurturing the sharing of resources and skills, fostering solidarity, and fortifying overall wellbeing and resilience.

The Circles Bali Community's Reach

See the distribution of research participants to date: Users Map Aug 2023.png

To learn more about, its mission, ongoing research efforts, see our research.

Boosting Research Through Localised Initiatives


The Collaboration Program aims to support ongoing research by empowering localised initiatives. Initiatives that may qualify for funding include:

Awareness-Building Events: Events & activities that educate and engage individuals in understanding how CirclesUBI works, highlighting its potential to catalyse community-driven wellbeing and abundance.

Daily Needs Fulfilment: Events & activities that enhance practical application of Circles Points to fulfil daily needs, by fostering increased exchanges of goods and services within the community.


Empowering Vulnerable Groups: Initiatives that extend the benefits of CirclesUBI exchanges to support civil society and vulnerable groups..

Application Dates

Applications will be accepted between: Sept 1st 2023 – Oct 30th 2023(Note: Multiple applications will be considered contingent on the successful completion of prior projects.)

Sharing your Outcomes

To share the outcomes of your activity with others that would love to hear about how you are bringing Circles to your community, photos, even videos and a short story about what you did and how it impacted your community are great. To be eligible for this program you will need to be able and willing to provide such documentation once your activity is completed


Please note that if your intended activity/program is not simply a standalone event, you will be asked to explain how your program will have the support or resources to continue running after the program period has ended. This is a criteria for successful submissions.

Apply for a Collaboration

If your community shares our passion for broadening the usage of, we invite you to submit an application using the provided form.


Feel free to download and take time to review the application questions in PDF format before submitting your proposal online (done using the following link).

Alternatively, if you're ready to submit your application:




We appreciate your interest in exploring how Circles can impact your community!


Kindly note that submitting this form does not guarantee automatic funding. The team will carefully evaluate each proposal and reach out to you with feedback any questions regarding your application.

Let's collaborate to shape a better tomorrow, one community at a time.
Thank you for your enthusiasm to build the CirclesUBI movement!

Any Questions? Feel free to reach out to our team…

Stories from Past Events

Feel free to browse some of the stories from past events within the ecosystem...

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