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Circles is a blockchain-based technology providing digital Universal Basic Income (UBI) points that circulate through mutual trust. This community-driven solution aims to support increased use of locally made products and services, as a means to strengthen localized, circular economies.


With Circles, all participating users get 24 Circles Points per day. These points can be sent to other Circles users in exchange for their products and services to help meet daily needs.

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In Indonesia, the Circles Project is currently conducting research with Balinese communities to learn how these digital points can be useful for fulfilling daily needs. Learn more about our research...

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The Circles mission is to empower all people everywhere to realize joyful, fulfilled, & meaningful lives in which daily needs are met as communities help each other to grow. 

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Get 24 free Circles Points every day!


Use the Points for goods/services


Help yourself, your family and your community meet daily needs


Enhance local celebrations by sharing Circles Points as gifts


Donate your Circles Points to

those most in need


Less need to carry / use cash


Save your money for other things


Support positive social impact

in your community

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Advertise your business on the Circles Market to attract new customers

Offer surplus goods for Circles Points

The Circles App is absolutely free,

you never have to pay to use it

Support sales of locally made products

Support sales of local services


Build trust & loyalty with your customers by offering Circles exchanges

Help your neighbors and community members to fulfil daily needs

Support community-driven

solutions in your area

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Accessible for everyone


Helps meet daily needs


Enhance cooperatives & cooperation


Help micro & small entrepreneurs grow


Increase community-driven social security


Supports digital literacy


Empowers women


Stimulate localized economic growth


Cost-effective UBI for Indonesia

An Urban & Rural Experience in Bali

An Urban & Rural Experience in Bali


As the Circles network grows, Circles Points flow between users, businesses and their suppliers.

With this complementary cashless solution, humanity can advance one giant step into an era of mutual support, sustainable growth and abundance.

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Circles is a community-driven initiative that started in Europe in 2017 and is now being trialed in Bali in collaboration with:

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